Love Me as I AM

Accepting them is a first step. Now it’s time to embrace them.

As we have told you in a previous post, on the 5th of December we attended a very special meeting. “Credinta si lumina”(Faith and Light) is an organisation that tries to help disabled people to hold as normal a life as they can, and prevent them to feel that their dreams have no future.

Their meetings take place once a month, when they spend several hours together, singing, playing and enjoying the opportunity of having someone that understands them close by. Beside these disabled people stand many volunteers, people that, from their own will, give some of their time to these people that need as much love from as many people as they can get.

The day we spent there, together, has offered us the chance to meet some truly wonderful people, with whom we enjoyed and celebrated all the birthdays of those who were born in December.

This organisation offers disabled people the posibility to be understood, to socialise, it offers moral support to those who have had the courage to fight and never give up in front of the challenge of living with a disability.

The next meeting will take place in January, that we hope to be able to attend, and thanks to which we’ll have the opportunity to meet strong people whose stories, stories about their own life, we can learn from.

When they are together, these disabled people don’t feel different anymore. They share the same drama of not being accepted as they are, this being the actual reason that brings them together and gives them the strength of being happy next to people that understand what they have to go through.

Let’s transform society in a world for everyone, where we can accept ourselves              just as we are!

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