Natalie du Toit

 “Be everything you want to be!”

It’s important to swim your own race and not some-one else’s, and that is exactly what this remarkable South African swimmer has been doing. Having competed at the Kuala Lumpur Games in 1998 as an able bodied athlete at the age of 14, she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident in 2001. Despite this setback, she was determined to compete at the Manchester Games both as an able bodied and disabled competitor just to prove it could be done. She achieved her goal, swimming into a creditable eighth place in the able bodied 800m Freestyle, and winning gold in the 50 and 100m Elite Athletes with a Disability (EAD) events. Since then, Natalie has become one of the most successful disabled athletes of all times and an inspiration to many.

I have always had a dream to take part in an Olympic Games, and losing my leg didn’t change anything,” she says. Life was calling. The pool was calling. “I just wanted to get back to life again – swimming four hours a day – and I wanted to be able to walk again so that I would be able to do things by myself”.Read More


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