Monique van der Vorst

“What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

“My life has been full of challenges, after becoming disabled at age 13 I didn’t give up, I looked for oppurtinities to live life at the fullest and became a professional athlete.

I have a mission to take myself to the highest level possible. After winning the World Championships Ironman, I was on a fast track  to the Paralympic Games in London 2012.

  But… everything suddenly changed.

 After an accident in 2010 my body started to change and after a long/ hard rehab period I am back on my own feet again! For me a new competition has started now,

I don’t know were or when it is gone finish but I will succeed and I will run! ”

-Monique van der Vorst.

For more information check out the Monique van der Vorst page.



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