Another Point of View – Interview with Miodrag Belodedici

Each one of us dreams of a happy life. A certain Constitution also mentions our right as human beings to the “pursuit of happiness”. However, for some of us, even what we would call a “normal” life is difficult to achieve. And sometimes, those obstacles have been heavily misunderstood by those who never faced them.

As we have already stated on this blog, all kind of assumptions have already been made: “people with disabilities need this… need that… no, this…”. In our reasearch, that’s exactly what we try to uncover: what do they actually need? What do we need to do? Here, we offer you one point of view.

As our readers may remember, a few months ago we visited an organisation called “Iubeste-ma asa cum sunt” (“Love me as I am”), which deals with helping people with disabilities. It was then when we decided to make our first interview.

Miodrag Belodedici is a former football player, at the moment director of the junior centres of the Romanian Football Federation. By chance, he was there that day, and we thought of asking his opinion after we found out that it wasn’t his first time visiting the centre.

We are offering you one point of view. Do you agree with it? Or, do you think there was something else that could’ve been said? How would’ve you answered? Consider it a a little challenge, a subject to think about. Also, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We would like to hear your own thoughts on this.

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