Enjoy Happiness!

I want to win! But if I don’t, I promise to be valiant in my attempt!

On the 30th of January, we went to a special event, organized by Special Olympics. There, we participated as volunteers and were lucky to meet some very special people who dedicate their lives to children with disabilities.









It was a gymnastics competition and you should know that most of the children that came there have the Down Syndrome. About 70 children were prepared to have a good result at the sport competitions(at the pommel horse,the floor and at the balance beam) they had to pass. For this, we have to be grateful to Gabriel Popescu( teacher at the Sports University of Bucharest) and his students.

We encouraged those children and we spent a few hours near them, near their families and their friends, who were there for them, as they use to do everyday.They also have the possibility to see their children on the platform,because those are the real champions. And because they represent the strong persons that never give up, whatever the attempt is.

We also have the chance to see things that one can’t see everywhere; things like unfeigned happiness, real smiles, true and sincere words.

If you also have the chance to spend a little time with those children, don’t you ever hesitate. Don’t lose that chance. Just enjoy happiness.

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