Introducing Special Olympics!

So, let’s have a little revision for our more recent readers. A while ago, our team had the chance to volunteer for Special Olympics Romania and to participate in a sports competition for intellectually disabled people. The experience was unique and it made us wish to re-do it as soon as possible. Since then, we’ve been in regular contact with the Special Olympics team, discussing what other possible collaborations we could have. 

And here it is, the most recent one, part of project Unify. Image

At our very first meeting, the SO team presented us a project that we were very interested in, and which we immediately tried to implement in school, project Unify. We received different materials and teaching support and we studied them closely. The project’s purpose is spreading information in schools and training teachers in regard to intellectually disabled people. Three days ago, on Monday, our classroom participated in one of the presentations regarding the activity of the Special Olympics Organisation, here in Bucharest, and each of our classmates got to meet the people that are in charge of the projects and initiatives that take place under the name of Special Olympics Romania. A team of 6 people that have managed to change incredibly many negative aspects of life as a disabled person here in Romania. 

ImageWhat is more, both our classmates and two of our teachers had the opportunity to meet Serban, who has Down Syndrome and get first-hand information about all the activities that intellectually disabled people can have. Serban is actually part of the Special Olympics team and takes care of the secretariat aspects; he prints different mails, answers the phone and the door and he helps his co-workers in any other matter they need. The only difference between him and his co-workers is the fact that he does fewer work hours. In addition, he has participated in multiple sports competitions, from Scotland to Slovenia and he has also had a biographical book published. 

We were very happy and pleased to see that our classmates, teenagers just like us, have been so interested in the activities of this organisation and so willing to help us and get involved in our projects. Many of them have registered to become volunteers and have congratulated us on our endeavors.

This post isn’t included in none of the Problems or Solutions tabs, but it can just as well be a solution to the indifference of people. Our main purpose and greatest effort was popularizing  and bringing into our audience’s, and not only, the problems of disabled people. And by these little steps we are very confident that, one by one, we are beginning to fulfill it. Image

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