Be Right Back!

Hello everyone! As we’ve been telling you for a while, this blog started out as a project; to be more precise: an international competition. The time has come, after four months, to register our link on the competition’s website. In fact today was the last day we could register it. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to post anything on the actual website from today until late June because it will be under examination, and it’s against the rules to add anything.

However, what we wanted to tell you was that we’re not leaving anywhere, and we’re definitely not ending this! Please be patient until June and don’t forget to check the site every once in a while to see when we’ll start posting again. We’ll surely have everything we did in the meantime prepared, just waiting to be turned into juicy posts! 

In the meantime please consider our FACEBOOK PAGE to be a temporary blog, where we’ll post pictures, news and ideas about present and future collaborations. 

                                       SEE YOU IN JUNE!      We’ll be right back!



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