The Most Important Solution

From the 3rd of December until now, our posts have consisted in solutions for hearing impairment, wheelchair accessibility problems and so on. However, these, for now, are just theoretical ideas. Unfortunately, what lacks is a practical approach to all these problems. And this is what this post is all about. What did we do ? What were these 4 months of activity all about?

To begin with, they were about evolution. We began with theory. We then crossed the boundary between theory and practice. And now we have finally set our roots into the land of organisations, volunteering and active participation in solving disabled people’s problems.

However,there is a little specification we need to make. There is, unfortunately, a great difference between countries. We cannot speak for everybody. We are aware that there are many countries that might be way ahead of what we suggest here. But we cannot ignore the fact that there are also many others who are way back, and those are the ones that should be the most important. As such, the starting point of what we shared in our posts was the one of countries such as our own: Romania.

There’s such a great difference between what we hear from other sources and what we experience first-hand. I feel as if I’ve said this a million times and I still can’t refrain from saying it again: there’s no turning back. Being close to disabled people, regardless of their disability gives you a totally different perspective on their entire situation. It’s nothing like most of us imagine it. It’s a known fact that we’re all different. And this is very visible with disabled people. Because as different as we all might be one from another, they are actually the proof that we are also very similar. Despite all their difficulties, what still strikes me the most is the fact that they are more alike us than they are different from us.

The point of this post is to show the most important solution our blog has illustrated: raising awareness amongst our readers and informing them about the various activities they could participate in, the solutions they could try and apply- because although here, in Romania, some of the solutions or activities we proposed might not be widely available, our readers from the USA, which are the most numerous, might consider them useful and accessible,and might become interested and active in their country.

The Special Olympics team and the Light and Faith organisation managed to introduce us to their beautiful world, full of smiles, fulfillment and beauty, one that we would never want to leave, one that has welcomed us, as well as it has other thousands of people, with its arms widely open.

Even though the activities we organised were at a small scale, with our group of classmates and teachers, this is just a small step towards working with our entire school, region, and ultimately country, even world. Our goal is to create connections with organisations from all over the country, the world in order to bring countries that are less developed in disabled accessibility at the same level with the ones that have top notch scientists and organisations taking care of these issues.

Our final statement –for this post – is that theoretical problems might have an end, but practical solutions are never enough. There will always be someone in need of help, and we will be there.

This started off as a simple project but turned out to be a unique experience. Even though the project has to end, our blog will continue, and we will post with the same frequency as before, because it has long surpassed the simple level of a project, it has become an enjoyable activity we wish to keep doing with the same dedication as we have until now.


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