Natalia Partyka

When I got home last evening, my father was waiting for me with a recording he did especially for me. (He has been really involved in this entire project since we started it) I really didn’t know what it was so I imagined it was another one of the “How it’s made” shows on Discovery.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Meet Natalia Partyka, a Polish table-tennis player born in 1989. She participates both in competitions for fully bodied athletes as well as in competitions for athletes with disabilities. Not to mention that she is part of the Polish national Olympic team.

Natalia won her first table tennis medal in an international competition in 1999, at the disabled World Championship. She also competed in the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney and  two gold medals  at the European Championships for Cadets, organised by the International Table Tennis Federation, organised for fully bodied athletes. 

A great achievement for her was participating in the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralimpics in Beijing, being one of the two athletes to do so, the other one being one of the role models we already presented on our blog – Natalie du Toit.

The match I got to see last night was between Natalia and Bernadette Szőcs who represented our country, Romania. As disappointed as I am of Bernadette’s loss, I couldn’t help but to be extremely proud of Natalia, who, with a missing limb managed to defeat Bernadette with a gross difference. Even though I’m sad about my country’s loss I am definitely most happy to see disabled people make such a difference!



2 thoughts on “Natalia Partyka

  1. I left everything last night just to watch the London Olympics. A match by Netherlands and Poland. In every smash, in every stroke that Natalia pushes through the competitors court, it is like a big leap and in every score she makes is like a new life. She is a real inspiration.

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