Soldiers to Dakar

Richard Hammond meets an extraordinary rally team in which everyone is an amputee with a military background. This is how you can make the whole story fit in just one sentence. But this sentence doesn’t tell the whole story…

Richard checks out an unusual motorsport event, where injured soldiers repair both off-roaders and battered lives. Every member of the team is injured. They’ve all suffered a lot. The thing is, despite their problems, they managed to get over everything. Despite their condition, they are still living their lives. For them, forming the rally team is a way to forget their problems. There is life, even after horrible accidents. They have problems that other teams don’t have. They have a pretty hard time competing in the national championship but still, they are not limiting to that. They want to compete in the Dakar Rally, the toughest race ever. It takes quite something to enter the race. Reaching the finish line is a great performance for every team, but a huge performance for our soldiers.

In life you must follow your dreams. This might be the essence of life, disabled or not. The guys you will see in the next two videos are not only role models for other people with disabilities. They are great models for everyone.

If you are unable to watch these videos, you can find here some links to the official Top Gear UK website:


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