Sharing Experiences

The words printed here are concepts. You must go through the experiences.

We told you about Special Olympics and about its competitions. We told you about what volunteering is and about what being a volunteer implies. As you can see, I used ‘we’ referring to our team, which means that all the stated ideas were ours. Of course, you might be inclined to believe that all the things we said were solely meant to impress you, although we hope you didn’t, that’s why we want you to have the opportunity to know other persons’ ideas about people with disabilities and mainly about what being a volunteer meant to them.

Our classmates and readers enthusiastically accepted the idea of volunteering. Check THIS POST to see what they did!

This is a short film in which they answered different questions we asked them in regard to their experiences as volunteers.An information worthy to be mentioned is the fact that none of the interviewees had access to what the others said before. You can guess how happy and excited we were to see that many of their answers were the same!

Please take your time and watch this movie (5:00 minutes long- sharp!), you’ll hear several ideas about the experience of volunteering and teenagers opinion on our project. That might also motivate you to take a step forward and get involved into activities of this kind, if you haven’t yet, or simply to see that there are other people that care, if you are already an active volunteer.

P.S. You must know that even if Andreea and Bogdan,who took part in the interview, are in the team, they wanted to answer the questions because Andreea has had prior experience as a volunteer not only with disabled people (and can enlighten us with her wisdom),  and Bogdan unfortunately missed the first  Special Olympics competition we attended so his opinions are fresh!

P.S.S. And all that you’ll see is Maria’s work. Enjoy!


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