Little People, Big World

A few days ago I heard a conversation between two girls, one of which wanted to become a model. ( Or at least that’s what I understood) However, there was a specific aspect that affected her very much and with which she was extremely dissatisfied.

Her height.

She was one or two centimeters under 1.70 and the modelling industry required her to be at least 170 cm. And, as much as I could sympathize with her in regard to the sadness she felt for not being able to do what she would have loved to, my mind couldn’t help but wonder to the people for whom the height of 1.70 m is something utopic. People that most of the time don’t reach over 1.50 m.

For them, becoming models isn’t the biggest problem. Getting around town is. Reaching to the top shelf and driving a car is. So what should and could we do to help them?

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