Sneak Peek

We didn’t want to say anything before it’s done, but if you follow our Facebook page, perhaps you realized that we are preparing a surprise. We showed you that we are shooting and editing some videos, but we didn’t tell you exactly what it was about. We are still not going to tell you the subject, but we’re going to show you some shots. Stay tuned! We are going to post soon!


Disabled Dancing

Dancing is freedom. Dancing is happiness. Dancing is for everyone.

For many people, dancing looks easy. “How hard can it be?”. That’s what they say. I personally don’t agree. Dancing requires talent. You need to feel the music, you must have some physical abilities. There are some moves that are impossible for the average person. You have to be ambitious. Dancing requires hard work. But it doesn’t require a leg…

Impressive dancing from this couple from China. It proves that everything is possible if you want and if you try… As I said: dancing is for everyone.

“My Valentine”

I was impressed to run into this beautiful song the other night…

I knew that the song couldn’t be anything less than beautiful if performed by Sir Paul McCartney. When I saw that it starred Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman I was instantly won over.

On the evening of April 14th Paul McCartney premiered his self directed video for his new song ‘My Valentine’. The release took place at the new Stella McCartney store (the artists’ daughter) during an exclusive screening event.

Even though the former Beatle is approaching the age of 70 he isn’t slowing down at all and I am extremely grateful to that. With 391 soundtrack credits to his name he keeps impressing everyone with his immense talent.

In the end, I’m very happy to share this beautiful song with you, in connection to the problems we are trying to solve. The implication of such important names as Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, not to mention Sir Paul McCartney is a very important engine to our belief that popularizing issues that disabled people have can be done in order to solve their problems. Please enjoy, beside the video at the top of this post, which features both Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp, the ones in which they are separate.

Happy Easter!

ImageWe would like to wish Happy Easter to all of those celebrating the Orthodox Easter! May this beautiful celebration bring joy to your life, just as it brings to ours! Thank you for supporting us down this winding road, with ups and downs, positive and negative feedback, and let us continue our journey in this project for a long time from now on! 

Friends and Volunteers

If you meet a person that spends his free time helping other people,doing it with pleasure and without receiving any money, you should know that he is a volunteer. A volunteer gives to persons who need his help, friendship and time, not because he MUST but because he WANTS to do this.

We think that teenagers can certainly change this world. We are young. We have an  open-minded attitude in front of all  things or persons that seem to not fit the norm.We have the courage to get involved. To prove you that this is true, we’ll tell you our story.