Before starting reading this post please close your eyes and listen to the video below..

Would you know where you are? Would you be able to cross the street, meet friends or go home?

There are very many articles on this blog where you are asked to think about how having a disability would feel. To put yourself in other peoples’ shoes. But I started wondering if this isn’t a little cinical. Why? Because we can’t. We can’t truly imagine how it feels to have a disability, and all our advice and suggestions are, no matter how hard we try, out of the loop.

Why did I choose this introduction? Well because the problem I’m about to suggest to you is a different area of expertise than the ones we’ve reached until now. And because it is also almost impossible to imagine how it would feel not to see at all. I guess many of you have played blind man’s buff when you were little. It is similar to tag, but the child who has to catch the others is blindfolded. I remember when I played it, and no one wanted to be the next one blindfolded. And generally, when our vision is obstructed we try to do everything to change this situation.

In the end, we might not be able to properly imagine how being blind feels, but we can try and find solutions to this issue.

Don’t forget that we are open to any ideas and issues that you might discover, so don’t hesitate in sending us an email to dealforhopeblog@yahoo.com!


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