Sidewalk Accessibility

Even if now you can enjoy the snow and the white picture that winter gives us, as Albert Camus said, In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Every summer, streets and parks are full of busy, happy, hurried or calm people. Everyone loves either spending his free time in the park, enjoying the trees, the flowers, the silence, or just waking on the streets and watching the face, the attitude and the smile of every passerby.









Can a disabled person do the same things? Partially. Fortunately, parks don’t have stairs. So, people with locomotory problems can enjoy walks, too. The problem is how to get in the park. Here, in Bucharest, we have some super big and uninspired edges they have to ‘climb’ every time they want to go somewhere. Or even worse, if you have to cross the street, there are many cases when only one part of the sidewalk has an inclination which means that right at the end of the zebra another edge comes by. So how are disabled people supposed to get on the sidewalk again?

This is, unfortunately, another issue we have to think about. Together. Why unfortunately? Because these are not situations that should be corrected, these mistakes are not supposed to exist at all. It’s just like building a house with no bath, or designing your bedroom without a bed.

Every time you see high edges, please remember that for people with locomotory problems they are like the stupid and irritating thresholds that you trip on. With every step you take.








And remember that we are waiting for your contribution! Every time you see measures for disabled people wrongly applied, or places that don’t agree with disabled people’s needs you should send us a picture, or even a story and we are surely going to publish it, on our Done Wrong page!

And don’t forget to complete the wheelmap !  


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