Sports For All of Us

One of the main reasons we chose this subject for our blog is that there are so many problems and corresponding- so many solutions we can bring to solve them.

However, we probably didn’t expect to post the second problem so quickly after the first, but this time the solution was the one that came first to our attention, and it was indeed impossible to delay.

The problem is so obvious and so widely spread and we actually wrote several posts regarding it already. Do you remember all the Role Models we told you about until now? Well, the problem we wish to reffer to is actually the younger brother of our role models.

What happens when a disabled person wants to play a sport? Of course, you’ll say, this isn’t a problem anymore. Haven’t we seen Oscar Pistorius with his impressive Cheetahs and Shingo Kunieda with his top of the art wheelchair? Yes we have, but are these ‘gadgets’ available to the average person ? Can you practice a sport, if you are disabled, even if you don’t want to do performance ? Or do you need to spend a great deal of money to buy impressive devices that you don’t necessarily need, just because those are the only ones available?

Are there enough devices, for different types of disabilities and are there any places where we can buy them from? And if there are how can we find out about them?

We believe there are, or at least there’s a pretty good start towards opening borders towards sports for every disabled person. See here how.


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