Wheelchair Accessible Cabs

Cabs or taxis are everywhere. It is very easy to get into one and simply go wherever you want. But… What if you are in a wheelchair?

A wheelchair takes up quite a lot of space. It’s big, it’s heavy and it’s very hard to maneuver. For a regular taxi, you need a simple car with a comfy back seat and a big trunk.

File:SF Taxicab.JPG

But that is not enough if you are in a wheelchair.

First of all you can’t take the disabled person out of the wheelchair. So, a normal taxicab doesn’t offer enough space inside. This is why you need a car with a lot more interior space. You need something more box-like. You need a minivan, a people carrier.

But still… It isn’t enough. It might have the space required for the job but it still isn’t the vehicle for the job. How do you get the wheelchair inside the car? Inside, does the car have what it takes to assure a safe comfortable ride for the disabled?

What kind of vehicle do we need? Think about it.


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