Wheelchair Accessibility

For the first problem proposed, we wish to engage you in solving a logical problem.

You don’t want your life to become a routine.Every day you wake up at different hours, you watch different movies all the time. If you get bored of the restaurant you usually have dinner at, you choose another. If you don’t like the tram, you have the underground.

But then again, let’s take X, a person with locomotory problems that has to do the same things. There are few places suitable for him. He can’t choose freely the restaurant he wants.He must consider whether it is adapted for him or not.Maybe he likes the tram, but he can’t enjoy travelling by it. If he chooses the underground, he has to go (God knows how) to a station that has an elevator which can help him.

This is the issue:  the places where you can go without having any problem may not be adapted to people with locomotory difficulties. Your favourite place to dine: is it adapted? What if something happens to one of us and we end up in a similar situation? Will we choose another favourite place to dinner because it can’t satisfy our necessities anymore?

Think about it.

“We don’t believe in no-win scenarios.”


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