Health Care


People with disabilities encounter a series of problems when they try to get some health care. Some barriers are related to the disabled person, others  are just problems of the society. The thing is, if you are disabled, it’s a lot harder to take care of yourself.

Governments can improve health outcomes for people with disabilities by improving access to quality, affordable health care services, which make the best use of available resources. The main idea here is that health care system are required.


Very important:

Ensure that people with disabilities benefit equally from public health care services.


Reduce costs

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things in your life. You should not skip health care. It is a must. But, because of the prohibitive costs, some of the people choose not to treat their problems. This aspect becomes more visible if we are talking about people with disabilities. The whole medical system should become much more efficient, in order to reduce costs and therefore treat the ones who used to think that prices of the medical services are too high. Encourage health-care providers to make services accessible and provide comprehensive assessments, treatment, and follow-ups. More than that, try to reduce or even remove out-of-pocket payments for the ones who just cannot afford to pay for the medical treatment.

Physical barriers

Uneven access to buildings (hospitals, health centres), inaccessible medical equipment, poor signage, narrow doorways, internal steps, inadequate bathroom facilities, and inaccessible parking areas create barriers to health care facilities. We must provide a broad range of modifications to facilitate access. This way everything will go on faster and more efficient.

Human resources

All medical schools should teach their students how to take care of a person with a disability. The thing is that they are poorly trained so we can’t expect much form them. When they are first facing a disabled patient, they don’t really know what to do, because this is a new situation for them. We all learn from experience and medical workers are, sadly, not experienced enough to take care of the disabled with just the things they learn at the medical schools of today. We don’t say that all the students must learn this things, but it is a certain thing that we need doctors who know how to treat a disabled.

Also, conduct more research on the needs, barriers, and health outcomes for the disabled. This way, we will know the problems they are facing exactly from the source. In order to get solutions, you must first get the right problems, and the best way to get them is to interact with the people that are constantly having them.


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