How High Are Your Stairs?

The access problem of people with disabilities in public places is a very complex one. Think of how many places in this world have limited or no access due to the lack of stairs. In the first place we decided to talk about the access to public transportation: subway, tram, bus.

In Romania, Bucharest –the capital- is the only city which has a subway network. Metrorex provides transportation for 20% of the total number of passengers who use public means of transport. In 2010, Metrorex company designed a project to develop the facilities for people with disabilities. The solution for this problem was found a long time ago:  elevators. Many foreign countries have elevators that lead directly to the subway platform. In Bucharest, the problem is still ongoing.


It seems that our society begins to understand that environmental adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities is essential. By the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, there will be 83 elevators in all 51 subway stations. Step by step, we turn for the better.



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