Little People, Big World

Little people are very independent, they want to make it on their own, without having to ask for a stool. However, many times, their wish for independence gives them very many inconveniences.

In regard to accessibility, whether you might know it or not, there have been some improvements made and solutions brought. If you’ve ever watched TLC you might have come across “Little People, Big World”, a reality show about the life of the Roloff’s. The Roloff’s are a family of six, from which Amy, Matt and Zach are dwarfs while Jeremy,Molly and Jacob are not. Matt Roloff is a great activist in regard to solving dwarfs problems and has founded Direct Access Solutions to help him achieve his goal.

And let’s analyze these problems and see what solutions we might bring. Let’s take checking into a hotel. The DAS has created an accessibility kit consisting of a tool to help flip the door latch, a closet rod adapter,a grabbing tool and a stepstool, with a handle for balance. Believe it or not, accessible rooms are more inconvenient to little people because of the lack of stairs. For little people stairs are of maximum importance and are needed to climb up the bed, go to the toilet or brushing their teeth. According to Matt Roloff “there are several million little people in the USA (a person 4 feet tall and below) and a hotel will average one a month whether it realizes it or not.”

One other aspect that needs changing is medical training. So what we suggest are courses specialized in the medical care of dwarfs. There have to be doctors trained to attend to their specific problems, which is a great minus in healthcare, especially in countries which are under or mid developed, such as Romania, the country we are from.

Furthermore, in regard to post-secondary education for dwarfs there should be measures taken to provide scholarships for little people too, or to include them in the disadvantaged populations category. Although they might have slipped the criteria for inclusion, their difficulties cannot be ignored, and therefore, they should be included in other categories which provide difficulties in order to benefit of proper post-secondary education.

If you have any suggestions or actual information about any other solutions brought to the matter please feel free to tell us !



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