Sidewalk Accessibility

When we proposed you to think about Sidewalk Accessibility, it wasn’t a crazy and unsolved idea. As we told you, we thought that these are not situations that should be corrected, these mistakes are not supposed to exist at all. But, even if we want it or not, we have to admit that they exist, and they are still a problem in the lives of disabled people.


The solution isn’t about destroying all of Bucharest’s streets and then building them from scratch nor about remaining calm and ignoring this problem. Because it’s a serious problem and its solution is actually simple.

All we have to do is to correct it. How? In a cheap and fast way(less than 30 minutes) . It sounds greate, doesn’t it?









The curb cut ramp provides instant access at curbs. It is sturdy enough to support the weight of a vehicle that may accidently roll over the ramp and, as we told you, it can be installed in less than 30 minutes. It will enable us to create access for people in wheelchairs because the side wings allow safe access on-to and off-of a curb.






Also the curb cut ramp is portable by design so that it can be placed at a location for a special event or until a construction crew can be scheduled.

So, this is the solution we propose. As you can see, the number of problems isn’t bigger than the number of solutions! That means we have to be optimistic and hope for a chance. For making things better.


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