A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.
                                                                                  Nelson Mandela


When we suggested volunteering to our classmates we relied on the new experience that volunteering is.

With a lot of enthusiasm, 18 of our classmates accepted to be volunteers for the first time  and you’ll see their personal opinions in a future post.Now, we will show  you a preview about what we did  there and about the joy of helping others.

To begin with,an important aspect you must know is that this time Special Olympics organized an athletics competition. Difficult tests for strong people. Both children that suffer from Down Syndrome and children in wheelchairs had to run,jump and to throw the ball of the game of rounder.

Once we arrived there, we were separated in small teams and every team had something to do. For example, some of us had to stay near the referees in order  to bring the results of the sportsmen to another team that had to type  them on the computer. Some of us had to fill in the diplomas, the boys had to carry the food and the drinks and another team had to share it to the contestants. These activities were just a part of what we had to do, because the best part of the volunteering process came later, when we had to arrange the medals and the gifts, to award prizes to the champions, and to support them with our joy, enthusiasm and applauses.

Our classmates had the possibility to feel what volunteering really means. As I like to say, they enjoyed happiness, because the children were as happy and optimist as we knew them from our previous meetings. Their goal wasn’t  being better then others, but being better then how they were last time. The competition was with themselves and not with others. These children made us  proud that we could  help, that we were useful. And we are sure there’ll also be a next time.

With the help of our classmates we realized that volunteering is a general solution for  people with disabilities.Besides Wheelchairs Accessible Cabs, Wheelchairs Accessibility, Sidewalk Accessibility or Hearing Impairment,( the other problems that we presented on the blog) a big problem for  people with disabilities is to not feel accepted  by the others. That is want we really want to change! Peoples’ attitude!

As you can see, volunteering isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to do. People with disabilities need the support of other people too. They need you. What do you say? Are you ready to change the world? Are you ready to get involved?


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