Wheelchair Accessibility

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Ever wondered if the places you want to go suit your needs? Well we bet that the people who need to get by through the means of a wheelchair wonder this all the time. So we have found a solution to their problem: http://wheelmap.org

Wheelmap is an initiative of “Sozialhelden e.V.“, a German non-profit association.The project uses the Openstreetmap API to retrieve (and in the future also save) accessibility data. The website has been developed using Ruby on Rails. Wheelmap concentrates on wheelchair accessibility because the blind and deaf people need different solutions and should not be put in the same box. However, the source code of wheelmap could be developed further to meet those needs.

There is an iPhone app as well, that everybody can use. Our opinion is that everybody should sign up and create an account in order to add new locations and their accessibility level.It’s easy, accessible and interesting. Everywhere you go, however you go, you can instantly add a place you’ve seen.

The next time you google map something, just think that a disabled person might be wheel mapping as well!

*For more information about Wheelmap click here!


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