Done wrong

Well, even though some of us have good intentions, things don’t always come out as planned. While this is essentially a minor issue, it can cause very frustrating moments, and we believe that it’s important to bring the matter up. We’ll leave it up to you, whether to laugh or cry at the following images.

And by all means, if you happen to come across such situations, please let us know, or share them in a comment!

Wheelchair Carriage

I'm not quite sure I understand how this is supposed to work...


On a second thought... No, I really don't think that this is going to work.

I'm sure that they just forgot about the last part of the ramp.

Well, this is not as bad... They just mis-painted it... Hopefully.

I guess that there's no comment needed for this.

Maybe it's some sort of special escalator, not stairs that you have to climb down in order to get to the toilet?

No comment.


Is it me, or this is really wide-spread?....

Well, I have to admit this is quite unusual...

This is simply sad

I just ran out of inspiration upon seeing this. What were they thinking?

- No comment.




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