About Us

We can talk about happiness, love or dreams; about life, destiny or attempt; we can talk about childhood, atoms or stars. We can talk about anything.

Yet the idea that this project is based on transcends „talking”. Our main goal is making you aware of the reality that we all live in, and even more, that cowardice doesn’t mean only avoiding and running, but also not caring.

What is worse is that there are others that don’t only live without thinking about and knowing the real world that surrounds them, but they also reject anything that’s different and consider it an anomaly.

Our project started from one question: Should someone that you care about, or even you yourself end up in a situation where you  couldn’t see tomorrow’s sunrise anymore, or even couldn’t get annoyed because of the traffic noise every day, could your life go on as if nothing ever happened? Or would you have to give up dreams, hopes and goals that you wanted to achieve?

Most of us never wake up wondering how it might feel to be any different.  How our daily routine might change if we had any disability. Nor do we think about the current 10 per cent of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, that live with a disability.

We can’t…. and mustn’t let these people transform into strangers to their own lives. Disability doesn’t mean an end.

While so many campaigns and organisations have concentrated on the environment and animal testing, disabled people have been left on the hands of very few national and international public organisations and sindicates that only make sure their rights haven’t been violated.

Well, around September 2011, six of us (check THE TEAM) decided to team up and speak up about all the basic needs that disabled people have but can’t fulfill because very few considered making small adjustments to some basic appliances and objects.

As you might notice ( or as we hope we were witty enough to make you notice)  the title is the most suggestive clue to what we want to achieve through this blog.  Spelled „disability” the word simply means „a permanent injury,illness,or physical or mental condition that tends to restrict the way that someone can live their life” – Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary. But spelled our way : „(dis)ability” it means more, it means surpassing the condition that limitates you and finding ways to transform it into an ability. Or, put it this way, to get from disability to ability.

The goal of this blog is to illustrate all the problems that disabled people have and to demonstrate that even though it sounds difficult, adapting the world to match their needs too is actually simple. It takes just a little originality, a lot of initiative and a wish to make the world equally accessible to everyone.

We may not be able to change destinies, but we can at least improve lives.


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