Surgical Abortion

For most people life is the most beautiful gift they have ever had (even if, surely, there are persons that don’t like their lives).

Let’s talk about life. About getting up every morning, about enjoying every sunrise, about hearing nice words from the people we love, about saying all kind of stupid things without thinking. This is life. And we are so lucky to have it. Aren’t we?

You are responsible for every mistake, for all your choices and for your future. Your life is in your hands. You can make whatever you want with it. It’s only yours.

But now let’s think about parents. About a pregnant mother who is supposed to be the happiest person. She is giving the most special present: life.









In such a moment, you aren’t responsible only for your life. You claim responsibility for your baby’s life, too. As I know, that’s the moment when in your life appears the word ‘more’.More food, more sleep, more chocolate and bigger clothes.

I think it must be a very happy moment, isn’t it? And if it is, why are there many women that choose to have a surgical abortion?

Spontaneous abortion means the end of a pregnancy and it’s the most common complication of early pregnancy. It happens to mothers that want their babies. What about mothers that don’t?

When a mother chooses not to have her baby, the most frequent reasons are the impossibility to support a child and the fact that her baby has a disability or a severe illness.

There are two tests (called screening tests) that give you the possibility to know if your baby has a disability or not. The problem with those tests is that they aren’t 100% sure. That means that if you make the decision to have a surgical abortion because the test shows that your baby has a disability, you can be wrong and you can renounce at your healthy child. So, as you can see, there is a big risk.

So what are you suppose to do? The church will tell that even if the baby has a disability, you must give birth to him, love him and take care.They say you don’t have the right to kill a child and you must give him the chance of living his own life. That means not only to dedicate your entire life to your baby, but also give him a life that he maybe doesn’t want to endure.









Let’s take the case when you choose not to have your baby. You’ll live your life wondering if you made the right decision. You’ll think either that you did the right thing because you wouldn’t endure to see your child suffering or you’ll blame yourself all your life for your choice.

Let’s take the case when you choose to have your baby. There are so many organizations that help you to make your child happy. They help him to have a more pleasant life and to grow up with other children like him. But there is also the risk for you not to have a very long life to can always stay with your child. And then, what do you do? You have no opportunities then living him in a specific center and hope that there he’ll meet some kindness persons that will take care of him.

When you choose to have surgical abortion, you’ll have to think about all these things. About having or not a baby with disability. What do you think is the best way to act?


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