How High Are Your Stairs?

There are many things that most of us don’t actually realise doing because they take part of our routine. We don’t think about every step we take or what we need to do something.

However, disabled people have to consider every step. They have to think of every detail of a process in order to be completely sure they can fulfill their chores without any difficulties.

So let’s think about what most trips include. A mean of transport, right? And you might say: „How is that a problem? There are plenty of them!” . And you would be completely right. But then again, you might not have answered the 100 point question because you haven’t thought about every detail. HOW do we get to those many means of transport? Well, we have three words for you: stairs,stairs,stairs.

Have you ever thought that those 20-25 stairs you have to climb/descend to get to the underground, the taller edge of the tram’s floor are incredibly difficult or even impossible for some disabled people to pass?

So what should we do? Are there any solutions to this problems? I guess we’ll have to wait and see..


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