Let’s listen…

One of the previous problems we suggested was accessibility for those who are visually impaired. And here are some of the solutions we came up with:

The first main problem that we noticed mainly in our country, Romania, is the lack of trained people to accompany the visually impaired. Whether they don’t have access or they just grew accustomed to the lack of a person to help them, many people with visual disabilities don’t even try to find solutions to their problems. This is the worse aspect, people growing accustomed to poor conditions. Which brings us to our next proposal.

Shaking up the government and ministries. WHY,why did these people have to accept these limited options? The state should have special training sessions to inform and teach people how to help and volunteer the visually impaired.

One other aspect is having access to canes for the visually disabled. If you remember Antoaneta, the girl about whom we posted HERE, she was the one to tell us that when she couldn’t see anymore there were no special canes available so she had to get used to not having one, and ,what is worse, now, she wouldn’t probably use one even if she would have the opportunity because she can’t adapt to change and is used to the conditions she lives in now.

And then, finally, adapting the roads. Every crossing and major crossroad should have street lights with sounds, so that the visually impaired can know when to cross the street and when not to.

In the end, if we apply all the solutions we have mentioned, by carrying a cane, having access to an attendant and being able to know when to cross the street and when to avoid irregularities in the pavement a visually impaired person could very well go on the streets and act as someone with clear vision.

For any other suggestions or ideas please contact dealforhopeblog@yahoo.com!


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